Asterii Identity

The Draftfcb+Ulka group has a tradition of having many of its company names rooted in the stars; starting with Ulka which means a shooting star.

Asterii is derived from the word Asterism which means seeing a pattern of stars in the sky. The night sky has billions of stars much like our world today which has billions and trillions of data points. Analytics, as we all know, is about seeing patterns and giving meaning to these patterns and trends.

The visual identity builds on this concept. The three dots in the logo go beyond just being a visual element but create a pattern which has meaning. The ever so common "therefore sign" reinforcing that we will bring an interpretation to every pattern.

The logo in white against a deep blue background signifies illumination against the infiniteness of the night sky.

Finally, the name is encased to imply a seal or stamp of quality which will be the hall mark of our work. However, the soft rounded edges on the seal and in the overall identity signify the human sensibilities of the organisation.